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Bringing Christ to the People and the People to Christ

July 5, 2020

In 1916 there was a little girl by the name of Edna Walker. Edna had hoped for a dress-up doll for Christmas, like the ones she saw in the store windows. But her father was sick and couldn’t work and he told her that there was no money for her doll.

Then, on Christmas Eve, a Salvation Army lady came to the Walker’s little house in North Carolina and carried in a large basket with food and toys. For Edna she had a pretty doll dressed in hand sewn clothes. The doll became Edna’s favorite toy and she washed it, dressed it, and slept with it for months on end. Edna never forgot that doll or the joy which it brought her. This doll came from someone else’s kindness.

In her adulthood Edna moved to Tampa Florida and began working all year getting Christmas ready for poor young girls like she had been. In the first year she sewed cloths for fifty dolls and finally got to the point where she made clothes for more than five hundred dolls. It was Edna’s way of bringing joy to someone else!

The reflection is quite simple as is the question…In what ways do you bring joy to someone else? We are in a very difficult time in our history. Between fighting the virus and each other we can see the unrest within the world. Even though we cannot change the world, how do we change that which is around us. We change what is around us by bringing joy to someone else. It may be through a food basket, or a gift. It may be through a phone call, or it just may be through a smile.  

How do you bring joy to those around you?